Introductory Jyotish and Mantra Immersion Course


Introductory Jyotish and Mantra Immersion Course
Iyengar Yoga Centre, Copenhagen Denmark
June 1-6 2018

This course in Vedic astrology will also be enriched and balanced with hours of Iyengar Yoga sadhana.

Part 1
Jyotish and Mantra Immersion Program
3 hours of Jyotish Theory & Mantra Sadhana Daily
with Gitte Bechsgaard

Part 2
Iyengar Yoga: Themes in Practice
with Gloria Goldberg (US), Jette Berring (DK) and Sheila Haswell (UK)

Part 1 – Jyotish – 2.500 danish kroner
Part 2 – Iyengar yoga – 2.500 danish kroner
Part 1 & 2 – 4.000 danish kroner